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NCIS FF:Title: Tick 10

Title: Tick 10 (say sick with your nose plugged)
Author: T'PeeJ
ARCHIVE: Sure, but let me know where.
SUMMARY: Gibbs has a cold and the rest of the team gets it too.
DISCLAIMER: Navy NCIS is the properties of Belisarius Productions, Paramount Network Television, DPB (The second greatest being in the cosmos) and CBS.
NOTE: This takes place in first season, so McGee is still down at Norfolk. Since we don't know if Tim lived down in Norfolk or in the apt we've seen him in later on, I've put his apt in Norfolk.
Big thanks to
erinm_4600 for betaing this for me.

Ducky got up in the morning and could feel the cold coming on. This wasn’t going to be good. Picking up the phone, he called in to work and told them that he was sick. He then got dressed and ran to the drug store to get some cold meds and Kleenex, several boxes. Getting home, he made sure his Mother’s nurse knew that he was home sick, praying that his mother didn’t want to come and check up on him. He didn’t want her to catch this damn cold from him. Taking the meds, Ducky crawled back into his bed and made another phone call.


The phone ringing from some place far away woke Gibbs up. Rolling over, he grabbed the damn thing. “Hello,” growled Gibbs.

“You gave me your cold, Jethro,” Ducky said.

“Serves you right for not telling me what Kate got at the drug store.”

“If my head wasn’t pounding, I’d come over there and put you over my knee.”

“Do you feel real lucky, Doctor, or what?”

“If you kill me, I’d be out of my misery, so it’s a win-win, Jethro.”

“Then I would have to break in a new ME, so I don’t think I will kill you. You have to suffer like the rest of us.”

“I’m going to fix myself a hot toddy and going back to sleep, Jethro.”

“Sounds good, Ducky, feel better soon,” Gibbs said and rolled over to put the phone down. He got up and headed for the kitchen to get some food in him. His head wasn’t pounding, so he must be on the up side of this cold. This was the first time he had been sick. He always thought that when his team members got sick, they were playing it up to get out of work, but Gibbs knew they weren’t. Well, except Tony. He would act as if his arm had been ripped off if he had a hang nail.

Warming up the soup, Gibbs grabbed the phone and called the office.

“Special Agent DiNozzo,” said Tony when he answered the phone.

“DiNozzo,” said Gibbs. “How is it going with you and McGee?”

“Well, we are getting a lot of paper work done, Boss.”

“That’s good. Are you or McGee having problems with mine or Kate’s handwriting?”

“Boss, all of Kate’s notes are on the computer, McGee showed me how to move them over into the reports. So hers are very easy. Sometimes, McGee and I, we have to talk it over on what yours says. You’ll have to look yours over when you get back.”

“Are either of you coming down with this cold?”

“I think McGee is, he has been sneezing a lot today.”

“Great,” said Gibbs. “So you’re the lucky soul that hasn’t been hit with it yet. So, what have you done differently this year?”

“I haven’t done anything different, boss, just got some of your luck,” said Tony.

“Well, give it back, I don’t like being sick.”

“Sorry boss, I’ll give it back to you right this moment,” Tony said with a laugh.

“You better!” Gibbs said as his soup finished cooking. “My food is ready to eat, so I’ll let you get back to work.”

“Okay, boss.” The two men hung up the phone. Gibbs moved back over to the microwave and pulled his soup out. He was getting tired of soup. If he felt well enough, maybe he would go out and get some real food. Instead, he sat down and ate the soup, took more meds and went downstairs to work on his boat until the meds kicked in.


Kate woke, rolled over and looked at the clock then closed her eyes again. They were hurting. She got her allergy and cold meds out and headed for the kitchen. Getting into the fridge, she got out a bottle of water and some yogurt. She opened the water and took the meds, then ate some yogurt. Kate realized that her head wasn’t pounding as bad as it had been. She smiled and was glad that she was starting to feel better. Going back into her room, she grabbed a pillow and blanket and moved out to the sofa. She got comfortable and turned on the TV.


Abby woke and looked around her bedroom. She could barely breathe; she had coughed most of the night. If she didn’t love Gibbs so much, she would go over to his house and kick his ass for giving her this cold. Getting up out of the coffin, Abby went to take her meds and head back to bed. Maybe later that day she would feel up to taking a shower. It was a good thing she couldn’t breathe through her nose; she knew she smelled by now. She kept waking up the night before with no covers on her. She had kicked them off. Abby hated to be ill. Looking at the time, Abby moved over to her computer and turned it on. She was going to email her mom and tell her that Gibbs gave her his cold. Her mom would get Gibbs for her; that made Abby laugh. Like Gibbs would be scared of her mom, or her mom be scared of Gibbs. That would be an interesting time. The last time those two were together, they had their famous staredown contest and her mom won, once again. Of course, it helped that mom was deaf and nothing could distract her except Gibbs making faces at her. Which he tried to do, once again, and it didn’t help him at all.

Abby sent the email to her mom and then waited for three minutes before her mom emailed back. Abby laughed at her mom’s note and things to do. She even told Abby to ‘crawl back into that damn coffin, close the lid and stay warm.’

McGee had gone five minutes without sneezing. He was pretty sure he had Abby’s cold. Who got it from Kate, who got it from Gibbs. ‘Hmmm,’ thought Tim. ‘So this was Gibbs’ fault, like I’m going to bitch at him about the cold. Great.’

Clearing his mind, McGee went back to moving Kate’s notes on another case onto the report form.

“Hey, McGee,” Tony called out. “Come here, I’m having problems with Gibbs writing again.” Tony turned Gibbs notebook onto its side to see if that would help. It didn’t help at all.

McGee got up from his desk and moved over to Tony. Taking the notebook from DiNozzo, McGee looked at it for a couple of seconds. He was about to speak when he felt a sneeze coming. Looking up at the lights, the sneeze stopped. “It looks like it says: Ranger Smith came in for an interview at 1500 hours and that interview was recorded in SOP.” Handing the notebook back to Tony, Tim turned away and sneezed.

“Good one, McGee, and good timing, too,” said Tony. “You didn’t get any of your geeky germs on me.”

Tim moved back to the desk he was temporarily using and sat down. It wasn’t like Gibbs would take McGee on as a team member. He didn’t have enough brownie points or Karma points to get on a regular team yet, but, once he did, he would show them just what he could do. All those years at M.I.T. and Johns Hopkins would finally put to good use. Until then, he did his time down at Norfolk and did it to the best of his ability.


Kate woke up to someone knocking at her door. Getting up from the sofa, Kate went to the door and looked out the peephole and saw that it was Gibbs. Opening the door, Gibbs walked in without Kate inviting him in.

“You do know it’s polite to wait until you are invited inside before you barge into someone home!” Kate said as she started to cough.

“I’m not a vampire, Kate, I don’t need an invitation to come in,” said Gibbs as he turned off the TV.

“How would you know that a vampire needs an invitation to enter someone’s home? Isn’t that a just bit of pop culture for you?” Kate moved over to where Gibbs was standing.

The ex-Marine smiled that charming smile of his, grabbed Kate and kissed her.

This time, Kate really did wake up. She looked around the front room of her apartment. ‘Now that felt a little too real,’ thought Kate. Taking her pillow and blanket back into her room, Kate headed for the bathroom to shower. She turned up the heat in the apartment and then got into the shower.

Gibbs got up later in the morning, got dressed and went in to the office. As he stepped off the elevator, he could hear someone sneezing and coughing. 'Yeah, McGee has it, too.' Stopping at the beginning of the aisle that lead to his section of the bull pen, Gibbs looked at Tony's desk, which was empty at the moment, and then down at the end where McGee was sitting. His head was on the desk. Gibbs remembered that position.

“McGee,” barked Gibbs.

The young man lifted his head off the desk.

“Go home, you are going to get others sick if you stay here any longer.”

“Yes, boss,” said McGee as he got up and packed his stuff, then headed out.

Tony stepped off the elevator as Tim stepped on. “Where are you going?”

“Gibbs is here and he is sending me home,” said Tim. “I'll see you later, Tony.” The door slid shut and Tony headed for his desk. He found Gibbs sitting at his own desk. He was going through some of his mail that had piled up while he was sick.

“Good to see you, boss, but are you well enough to be in yet?” asked Tony.

“Well, my head isn't pounding at the moment and, since it isn't, I don't feel in killing you in five or six different ways, so, yes, I'm well enough,” answered Gibbs as he kept on reading the mail. He never once looked up at Tony.

Tony smiled. It was good to have Gibbs back. Even if he was still a growly old bear. The sick bear was scarier. Tony was pretty sure the sick bear would have killed him with his bare hands. Sitting down at his desk, he went back to doing the paperwork. One would think that the Navy would have done away with all the paperwork by now, but, being part of the Government, they had to have three copies of everything. That way, at least some of the work would end up in the right place. Maybe not all at the same time, but it would end up somewhere.

Between all the work that McGee and Tony had done, they had caught up on most of the paperwork. All Gibbs and Kate had to do was read over what the two had put in the reports from their notes and make sure that they were right.

Gibbs went through his mail and started on his reports, correcting Tony's misreading of Gibbs' notes. By the time Gibbs finally looked at the clock, it was 1500. Looking over at Tony, “DiNozzo, sign off and go home.”

“You going home, too?”

“Yeah, I will in a bit. I'm going to finish this report and then I'm going. I'm starting to feel tired.”

Tony noticed Gibbs had his glasses on and he wasn't trying to hide the fact, this time. 'Well, maybe Gibbs had faced the fact that his eyes were old and he needed them to read things.' Shutting off his computer, Tony grabbed his coat and put it on and then his backpack. “I'll see you tomorrow then, boss?”

“Most likely,” said Gibbs. He was on the last page of the report. He was ready to go. He wanted to stop at the store and get some real food. He was tired of the soup. Even if Abby did make it.

“Okay, then I will see you later,” said Tony as he walked toward the elevator.

Picking up the phone, Gibbs dialed Kate's home number. She picked it up after the third ring.

“Hello,” said Kate. She sounded better then she had.

“Kate,” said Gibbs. “How are you feeling today?”

“Better, the head and body aren't killing me. I was thinking of coming in tomorrow for a half a day.”

“Sounds good. I did the same thing today. I'm just getting ready to leave for today. So come in tomorrow afternoon and work as long as you want.”

“Thanks, Gibbs,” said Kate.

“You’re welcome,” said Gibbs. “I better let you go.”

“Alright,” said Kate. The two of them hung up the phones.

Kate pulled her laptop onto her lap again and went back to reading her emails. There was a couple of hundred of them. If she didn’t get on line for several days, the emails piled up on her.

Kate wrote a couple of quick emails. One to her mother and the other to Abby to see how the Goth was doing.

McGee drove all the way back to his apt in Norfolk. He got down there before the rush hour traffic started. Once he was in town, he went straight to the store to get more Kleenex and some soup. He would return the car to the base later. He was too sick to take it back now and have to come back on the city buses. Getting what he needed at the store, he went straight home.

Tim went straight to his apartment and dumped everything on the counter in the kitchen. He put on the water for some green tea he bought and opened up some soup. Putting it on the stove on low, Tim grabbed a banana and headed for his room. He changed out of his clothes and into something to sleep in. He ate the banana as he headed back to the kitchen. Getting out a mug and a bowl, Tim got ready for the things on the stove. When the tea kettle sounded, Tim poured the water into the mug with the tea bag in it. As he looked at the tea, he wondered if Dr. Mallard ever thought about having a high tea with his friends at NCIS. That might be fun to do. As the tea steeped, Tim checked on the soup. It was almost done.

Abby got up in the afternoon. She was feeling a little hungry. She headed for the head to use it before anything else, though. She checked her emails, too. She saw that there was one from her mom and from Kate. She would answer them after she started to cook some food. She tried to remember if she pulled more of her soup out of the freezer or not. She looked in the frig. She found the soup. Getting out a smaller bowl, she poured some into it and put it in the microwave. Going back to her computer, Abby answered her mother's email first. Mom was checking on her. Did she have some of Uncle Rooster's soup made up? (Yes, I made enough of the darn stuff. Gave some to Gibbs and Kate. Going to check later today if anyone else is sick from work and see if they want some of it. They don't know what is in it and don't know just how fast it will cure them up.) Did she remember not to drink anything with caffeine in it? (Yes, I remembered Momma, but you are trying to kill me. I'm dying for a Caf-Pow) Did she have some juices or tea? (I have some apple juice and white grape juice, too, I still want a Caf-Pow more!) I emailed Gibbs and yelled at him for getting you sick. Don't know how long it will take the man to check his emails. I bet it won't be a couple of months before he does check. (Yeah, you are probably right about a couple of months before he sees it. Gibbs really hates the computer and all the cool stuff we can do on it.) Is there anyone else sick from this cold at NCIS? (Well, Gibbs was first then Kate and then me. I don't know if anyone else is sick now. I will check later, like I said) Don't stay out of bed for too long, mon petite. (qui mere, je savez).

Going to Kate's email.

Hey Abby! I hope you aren't as sick as I was. I'm feeling lots better today. I'm going to go in to work tomorrow for a half-day. Gibbs was in for a half-day today. Let me know if you need anything. You helped me and it's my turn to help you.

Well I'm feeling like crap, Kate, but that just means I am alive. LOL!
I'm surprised Gibbs didn't go in before now. I'll call him and check on him before I crawl back into my coffin. Don't push yourself too much tomorrow, Kate. Take it easy. Hopefully you won't get a case and you can spend the time inside.

Closing off the Internet, Abby called Gibbs desk. He answered on the second ring.



“What are you doing out of bed?” Gibbs could hear how bad she sounded.

“Oh, just crawled out to get some food in me. You might want to check your email. Mom sent you a yellagram for getting me sick.”

“A yellagram?”

“Yeah, you know how my mom is about my health. She doesn't want anything to happen to me and possibly lose my hearing. She still worries about that. If she knew just how loud I listen to my music, she would kill me for sure.” Abby laughed and started to cough.

“Well, you and Ducky and McGee are all the sickies today.”

“Tony isn't sick yet? How did that happen? He is the one that gets sick first and complains like it's the end of the world.”

“I don't know, but he got lucky this time around. I thought of beating the crap out of him so he wouldn't feel so bad about being healthy.”

“You are such a great boss, Gibbs.”

“I know,” said Gibbs. “Listen, I'm going to go home now. I've had as much fun as I can stand today. I hear my pillows and blankets calling me.”

“I understand that one, I hear my coffin calling me. I'll talk to you later on.”

“Bye, Abby,” said Gibbs and he hung the phone up. He got his coat on and turned off his computer. He would check the emails tomorrow for the yellagram from Abby's mom. He left the office pretty early, for him. It was 1530.

Ducky had spent most of the day asleep. His head was pounding and his body was killing him with aches. He couldn't breathe out of his nose. Time for more meds. Getting up, he moved toward the bathroom. Coming back into his bedroom, he found his Mother there.

“Donald, what are you doing home so early?” asked Mrs. Mallard.

“I'm sick Mother. You don't have to worry about me.”

“You are my son, of course I'll worry about you. Now, get back into bed and I will make you some soup and bring it to you.”

“No, Mother, it's all right. You don't have to do that at all. I'll do the soup myself.”

“You do your own soup? I think not, young man. Now, get back into bed and I won't tell your father that you were arguing with me.”

“Oh, Mother,” said Ducky as he got back into his bed. Mrs. Mallard left the room. “I think I will go back to work tomorrow or go hide out at Jethro's house instead of staying here.” Ducky knew he wouldn't do either of those things.

Tim brought his tea and soup over to his computer and turned it on. He checked his emails and wrote one to Abby.
I'm sick and at home. I wish I grabbed some of your soup before you got sick, but didn't think of it. I'm stuck with canned soup. Oh well. Hope to hear from you soon. Get well Abby, Tim.

Tim shut down the computer and finished up his meal and drink and crawled into his bed. It wasn't long before he was asleep.

Gibbs left the store with two bags of food. He was looking forward to eating real food instead of soup. He wasn't going to push his luck. Not going too crazy, but he bought some food. None of it was in liquid-form. That was the important part.

Getting into his car, he drove home. Taking the bags, he grabbed the pots and pans that he needed. It didn't take long before he had food sitting on the table and he was ready to dig in.
Mrs. Mallard woke her son up to give him soup. “Now, Donald, eat this all up and, tonight, when you go to bed, I will rub some Vicks on your chest and feet.”

“Mother, I wish you wouldn't come in here,” said Ducky. “I don't want you to catch this from me.”

“Oh, please,” said Mrs. Mallard. “You are my son and I have to take care of you. It's in the contract.”

Ducky gave up. When his Mother remembered the contract, there was no point. “Yes, Mother.” Sitting up, Ducky took the tray with the soup and tea on it and put in on his lap. Mrs. Mallard sat down in a chair next to Ducky's bed and watched her baby boy eat.

“Thank you, Mother,” said Ducky when he was done with his soup.

“I want you get more sleep,” said Mrs. Mallard.

“I promise I will,” said Ducky as he leaned over and took the glass of water and took a drink. As his mother left the room, he took some cold medicine and laid back down. Mrs. Mallard came back in and tucked Ducky in.

Leaving the room again, Ducky was alone and wondering what was going on in the real world.

Gibbs got up in the morning, fixed himself some breakfast and headed out to get his coffee and some juice, just in case. He got in at his regular time. Turning on his computer, he started to look at his emails. Getting rid of most of them, he opened Abby's mom’s yellagram first. The woman may be deaf, but she went up one side of Gibbs and down the other for getting her daughter sick. He should know that something like that could turn the wrong way with Abby and make her deaf, too.

That was Mrs. Sciuto's biggest fear, Abby loosing her hearing. Abby didn't share that fear. Even if Abby did lose her hearing, she would still be able to do her job. Gibbs would make sure of that.

Gibbs returned the email to the lady and was as kind as he could be. At least he couldn't send Abby's mom a head slap through the email.

Tony came in a little later then normal, but Gibbs didn't say anything. The man had been doing most of the work since everyone else was sick, but Gibbs didn't want to give Tony a big head. He gave the younger man a little of his patented stare.

“Sorry I'm late, boss,” said Tony after he saw the stare. “I got stuck behind a three-car pileup. Took a half hour to move up to the closest exit to get on the city streets.”

Gibbs got up and headed toward Tony. The slap that hit the back of Tony's head wasn't as hard as normal. It still surprised Tony.

“Get to work on the paperwork, DiNozzo,” said Gibbs as he headed off.

“Yes, Boss,” said Tony. Sitting down, the man got to work.

Kate was feeling better when she got up. She took a shower, went out and took her meds and had some food.

Standing there, in just a towel wrapped around her, she looked in her closet and found something she could wear to work. Laying it on the bed, she went about her morning routine. Around 1100, she left her apartment and went to work.

When she stepped off the elevator, she could hear Tony talking to Gibbs. As she came around the corner, she smiled at her team. “Hello,” said Kate.

“Hey, Kate,” said Tony. “You came in for a half-day?”

“Yeah,” she said as she put her stuff down. “How are you feeling, Gibbs?”

Looking up at Kate, “Feeling better then death,” said Gibbs as he turned back to the report he was reading.

“Kate,” said Tony. “McGeek and I just moved your reports over to the official reports, but you should still look at them.”

“Where is McGee?” asked Kate as she sat down.

“He is sick,” said Gibbs. “I sent him home yesterday. I got a call today for NCIS office in Norfolk. He hasn't returned the car he was using. I told them not to worry about it. The man will do so when he is feeling better.”

Kate had turned on her computer. She listened to her boss. She smiled at the thought that she was the only one who didn't call Gibbs ‘boss’. She wasn't as totally scared of the man as everyone else was. Though, if he used that angry tone, she would jump as high as the others would.

Pulling up the reports, Kate started to read what was done up for her.

“NCIS FF: Tick 1"
“NCIS FF: Tick 2"
“NCIS FF: Tick 3"
“NCIS FF: Tick 4"
“NCIS FF: Tick 5"
“NCIS FF: Tick 6"
“NCIS FF: Tick 7"
“NCIS FF: Tick 8"
“NCIS FF: Tick 9"



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