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Twice Blessed Tin Man 1/2 PG

Title: Twice Blessed Tin Man
Author: T'PeeJ
Characters/Pairing: Cain, Jeb, DG, Raw, Glitch, Piper, Phoebe, Paige, Leo, Darryl, Zero, baby Wyatt and baby Chris
Rating: PG
Summary: A demon steals the twice-blessed child and tries to raise him evil. Sometimes, things just don't work out as planned. Payback is a bitch!!!
Warning: Oh before TM even starts, and after the mini series ended, post of Charmed
Disclaimer: I don't own Charmed or Tin Man they are owned by other, I'm just playing around with them.
Word Count:14640
Special thanks to nawag1r, godess_jessie and diesa_j for all the help they gave me to write this. Also, a bigger thanks to nawag1r for putting up with me with my questions on kid talk and erinm_4600 beta'ing this for me.

Wyatt Matthew Halliwell was a happy child. He had a wonderful family and it helped that they could do magic. Though, he had been told, for as long as he could remember, not to use his magic in front of people outside the family. Wyatt had no trouble remembering that, but, sometimes, he forgot to help his family.

One day, he was playing with the dollhouse - his Aunt Phoebe told him the dollhouse looked like the house they lived in. He played with it, like his Mom and Auntie Phoebe did when they were younger. When baby brother Chris was older, he could play with it, too. There was someone else that played with it, but he never could remember their name. Whenever it was said, there was sadness, and Wyatt didn't like to see mama or Aunt Phoebe sad. Aunt Paige never played with the dollhouse, he knew that. She would play with him, though.

Since Mama had another baby, he had to share everything, but he didn't mind, because he loved his baby brother. Aunt Paige said that he was a good big brother and he liked that responsibility. He loved Chris and would always protect him.

Wyatt got used to people just appearing in his room; Daddy used to do it all the time. Aunt Paige did it, also. Sometimes, other people did, too. Mama would show up and, then, the people disappeared just as quickly. Life around the house could be fun and more fun.

When the man appeared in Wyatt's room, he just stood there, looking at the child; never moved toward him or away. Though, the man did touch Chris on the forehead and the baby fell asleep. He watched Wyatt, smiling down at him. “Hello Wyatt,” said the man. “I think we are going to be good friends, but not now. I will be back and we can do whatever you want to do.” If the kid knew what he had planned, he would have set off the alarm that Kallum had so carefully got around. “I will leave you a gift, to remember me by,” he said, pulling a small star with a string attached to it out of a hidden pocket. He moved over to the boy and tied the string around the boy's wrist, then stepped back. “I will be back, Wyatt. Then we shall have fun!” he said, before disappearing from Halliwell Manor and reappearing in a dark place, raising his hand to light up the room. Sitting down on a chair, Kallum picked up a small mirror and he could see Wyatt and everything going on in the room.

Several days later, Kallum, the demon, slipped into Wyatt's room. Smiling at the child, he moved over to Wyatt. “Would you like to see something fun?” asked the demon. He made a couple of butterflies appear out of nowhere. They flew over Wyatt's head and Wyatt laughed. “Do you like them?” asked Kallum.

“Yes,” said Wyatt as he reached out for the butterflies. "Wan' 'em."

That made Kallum smile; he was getting to the kid much quicker than he’d anticipated. Once he had the child under his control, he would raise the boy to be as evil as himself. That made the demon’s smile even bigger. “Alright, Wyatt, you can come with me and play with the butterflies. Would you like to do that?”

“Es,” said Wyatt. Kallum reached over and picked the boy up, then turned to leave when Phoebe Halliwell stepped into the doorway.

“What the hell is going on?” demanded the witch. “Paige, Piper, Leo! Get up here to the baby's room,” she yelled at the top of her voice.

The sound of running feet and a Whitelighter popping into the room could be heard.

“We have to go, Wyatt,” said Kallum as a portal opened. The two stepped into it and it closed shut after them. They reappeared at Kallum's place. He grabbed everything he could with the boy in his arms and headed out into the world. The two were trying to get away far enough away from the Charmed Ones, before Kallum got to work on turning the boy evil. The Charmed Ones were going to find him, fast, if he didn't get the boy out of town. It would be the safest way, for now; the witches would move Heaven and Hell to find them. They didn't know he knew his way around other planets and dimensions, besides this one. He just had to get his mind calm and, then, he could get them in the clear. Oh, the look on the witch’s face when she saw Wyatt in his arms.

When the others arrived at the baby's room, Wyatt was gone.

“Where is my son?” yelled Piper.

“I'll get Chris and take him to Victor's,” Leo said as he turned and headed out of the house.

“A demon took Wyatt,” said Phoebe. “Paige, you scrye to find Wyatt. Honey, it will be all right, we will get Wyatt back.”

"Hungee," mumbled Wyatt.

Setting Wyatt down on a bench, Kallum asked: “You're hungry, Wyatt?” The boy nodded his head. “Okay, then, would you like some chicken nuggets?” Wyatt nodded again. “All right.” Holding his hand out, a plate appeared with some chicken nuggets on it. He put them in front of the child and the little boy dug into them.

“Juice,” said Wyatt.

“Oh, how could I forget your drink, Sir Wyatt,” said Kallum with a laugh. He made a cup appear and handed it to the boy. Taking a drink, Wyatt went back to eating.

Pulling out a mirror from his pocket, Kallum wanted to check on the Charmed Ones and see what they were doing. It took several seconds to locate the family. They were standing around the Book of Shadows, the thing everyone was after. Kallum could wait to take control of it.

Piper and Phoebe were looking at the book, trying to figure out who took Wyatt. Piper turned the pages as Phoebe held her older sister. Paige was trying to find them with one of Wyatt's toys.

“It's alright, honey,” said Phoebe, “we’ll find Wyatt and bring him home.”

“When I find that bastard,” hissed Piper, “I kill him in several different ways.”

“Don't worry, Piper,” called out Paige. “We will find this creep and bring Wyatt home.” She kept scrying for the boy.

“That’s him,” said Phoebe as she showed the page to Leo and Piper. Paige came over to see who the hell it was.

“Kallum, the demon of chaos. The master of time and places to which can be gone. He opens portals to other places, be it here or somewhere in space. The way to be rid of him is to take away his inner sight (mirrors or anything that reflects). It will take more than just a witch to vanquish him: the Princess of Light, from afar; a sword of legend; and the power of Three.

Piper and Phoebe reread the entry in the Book of Shadows.

“Okay, I get that the ‘sword of legend’ is Excalibur,” said Phoebe. “What the hell does ‘the Princess of Light from afar’ mean?”

“We have to find this ‘Princess of the Light’,” said Paige.

“But, where do we look, Paige?” asked Piper. “I can wield the sword, but this princess-thing is out of our control. I need my son back, now.” She started to cry.

“I've got Wyatt,” Paige yelled out. “He’s at the Presidio.”

“Paige…” demanded Piper. Paige nodded and took her sisters’ hands, orbing them all to where Wyatt would be.

It wouldn't take them long to figure out how to kill him; he needed to get the boy out of town, now. Wyatt was finishing his food when he heard the sound of a Whitelighter appearing. Picking up the boy - they wouldn't throw a blow at him as long as he held the boy - he turned to face the witches and the former-Whitelighter.

“Give me my son,” yelled Piper. Boy, was she ever a lioness protecting her cub.

“Are you going to blow us up, Piper?” asked Kallum. “I don't think so.”

“We can do other things that are just as painful,” said Phoebe.

“Mommy,” said Wyatt, smiling at her.

“Don't worry, Wyatt,” said Piper. “I'm here now.” Raising her hands, Piper was going to put an end to all of this.

Paige decided to stop playing around. She held out her hand to use her Whitelighter-witch combined powers. “Wyatt,” said she said. The boy started to fade away from Kallum, but the demon used his powers to keep the boy with him. It used most of his powers, and didn’t leave him with much to fight with.

Kallum could see that 'Mom' was going to do something, so he worked on getting a portal open; anywhere was good. He opened it and threw the boy as Piper froze him. Kallum was frozen and Piper used her power to blow him up. The portal closed before anyone could get to it and Wyatt. A small spark followed the boy into the portal; it wasn't much, but, what was left of Kallum wasn't about to die, there in a San Francisco park, by the hands of the Charmed Ones.

“WYATT,” yelled Piper. She started to cry; she had lost her son, her child. Her sons were supposed to be raised together. They were supposed to get into fist fights, argue over girls, bikes and other things.


Wyatt landed on the ground next to some pretty trees, not that a three-year-old would take notice of the trees. He started to cry. He’d landed hard on the ground and he wanted Mama and Dada. He couldn't see them anymore. He couldn't even see Aunt Paige or Phoebe, now. Sitting there, Wyatt cried. He didn't know where he was, he didn't see anyone he knew and he wanted to go home.

The speck of light that carried Kallum's being stayed close to the boy. He knew that if this was going to work out for him, he had to stay with the boy. It watched as the boy sat there, crying. Not much it could do to help the kid; he had to rest and get himself together. As it was, he might have to grow up again, and that was a pain the first time around. Here, in the Outer Zone, it was going to be worse. Only the Source of all evil would know how long it was going to be for him to get his shit together. It was bad enough that he wasn't as powerful there as he was on Earth. As the speck floated around Wyatt, the speck noticed its surroundings: The roads were in good condition, so it looked like they were in past - he wasn't sure how far into the past - so the Sorceress hadn't taken control yet. This was not going to be fun.

The day was pretty and it had been a good trip to Mountain Grove. Deanna Cain had sold all of the vegetables and all of the woven wool; it had been a good year for the wool. She spent so much time spinning it that she couldn't feel her fingers for awhile there, but it was all worth it. She was happy with the Platinums she made from the all the sales.

Samuel and Deanna Cain had only been married for two annuals. Most people wondered if they were ever going to start a family and Deanna had hoped, by now, to be with child, but the Gods hadn't seen to it yet. It was a sad fact, but Deanna had come to live with it. She traveled down the county road, very close to the Papay fields, when she heard the sound of a baby crying. It sounded like it was coming from the edge of the field. Moving that way, thinking someone was in trouble, Deanna came around the corner and saw a baby sitting in the grass on the edge of the field. Running up to the child, she picked him up and just held him there. He wrapped his arms around her neck and held on tight.

Once the child stopped crying and let loose of her neck, Deanna checked him to see if he was hurt. Seeing nothing, she set the boy down. “Hello, baby, are you all right?” asked the woman.

“Mommy?” said the boy.

“Oh no,” said Deanna. “I'd love to be your mama, but we have to find her. What is your name?”

“Wyatt,” said the boy.

“Well, hello, Wyatt,” said Deanna. “I'm going to take you home with me and then tomorrow we are going to find your mama.”

He giggled at her and Deanna headed for her cabin; Sam was going to be surprised to see what she was bringing home with her tonight.

Samuel Cain had just finished the chores and was headed for the cabin, to wash up and get dinner started. When Sam went to Deanna's father, Dirk Campbell, to ask permission to court her, he didn't know what to think. Samuel towered over everyone. Deanna had a little munchkin in her family, so they were not as short as the full-blooded munchkins. Dirk thought Samuel was out of his mind to want to marry Deanna, but the boy had it bad for the girl. The height difference never bothered either of them, though; to Samuel and Deanna, it was just right for them. The two of them were just the opposite of each other. Samuel was a tall man, with blonde hair and blue eyes; Deanna wasn't very tall, had dark hair and greenish-colored eyes. She also only came up to Samuel's chest. She was Samuel's reason for going on. Even with her temper, Samuel wouldn't know what to do without her. Deanna should be home soon, he knew, with good amount of Platinums to keep the farm going for awhile longer. Going to the back door and washing up at the tub, sitting on the back porch, he went inside and over to the counter to cut up some veggies. He got the fire going in the stove and was getting the meat ready to put in the pan to cook, when he heard the front door open. “Deanna,” he yelled out.

“Yes, Sam,” called out Deanna. “You aren't going to believe what I found along the side the road.”

“What would that be?” said Sam as he walked out into the front of the cabin. Sam stopped quickly when he saw the baby in Deanna's arms. “Where did you find that?”

“Along the county road, by the Papay field,” said Deanna.

“Where are his folks?” asked Samuel as he frowned at his wife.

“No idea,” said Deanna. “I found him just sitting on the ground. I have no idea why he was there, but I thought I would go into the village to see if his family is there, tomorrow.”

Sam walked over to the baby and took the child from his wife. “Does it talk yet?”

“Yes, he can talk. Honestly, Sam, stop calling him ‘it’,” said Deanna. “What is your name?”

“Wyatt,” said the baby.

“Well, hello, Wyatt. Do you know your Mom and Dad's name?” asked Sam.

“Mommy and Daddy,” said Wyatt. Both adults started to laugh.

“I wonder how his folks could lose him and not notice it,” Deanna said.

“Taken,” said Wyatt.

“Taken?” said Deanne.

“Mommy chased us,” said the boy. “Now she lost.”

“What in the name of Ozma does that mean?” asked Sam. Giving Wyatt back to Deanna.

“I think he is saying that someone took him and his mother gave chase and they lost her,” answered Deanna.

“I wonder where he was taken from?” asked Sam. “We might have to travel to Central City to find his family. Wyatt, do you know where you live?”

The blonde-haired, blue-eyed boy looked up at the tall man, “the Manor.”

“What manor?” asked Deanna. “Could it be something in Central City?”

“It could be, but I'm not sure,” replied Samuel. “I will run over to the Zero farm and see if they will take care of our animals. We’re going to Central City, to see if we can find where he belongs,” he said, heading out the door and toward Zero farm. It was the closest farm to the Cain's place.

The speck of Kallum followed Samuel to the other farm. The Zero household was in mild roar, as the youngest boy, Adrian, had a high fever and it wasn't coming down. They had tried everything. The speck found a young boy, close to death. 'This is perfect,' thought the speck. 'I will take over his life and Adrian Zero will grow into the man I need to be.' It entered the boy’s body through his mouth, as the boy took his last breath. The demon took hold of the boy's mind and kept his heart beating. The family stood around, waiting for the end to come, but it never did.

Samuel was able to talk to Nicholas Zero. “I am so sorry about Adrian, but I wanted to ask if Sean and Joseph could take care of our animals for a couple of days. Deanna and I are going to Central City and I'm not sure how long we will be gone. But, if they can't do it, I will understand.”

“Oh, the boys will be glad to help you, Samuel,” said Nicholas. “They will be there, bright and early, tomorrow. Go and take care of your business.”

“Thank you, Nicholas,” said Samuel as he shook his friend’s hand. Samuel said a quick prayer for Adrian before he left their cabin. He was heading back toward his cabin when he turned back. He noticed that the cabin had an odd glow around it. He wasn't sure what that was about; the fairies wouldn’t be out in these woods, but he could be wrong.

Getting back to his cabin, Samuel let himself in. He could hear Deanna and Wyatt laughing in the kitchen and found his wife bathing the boy. She was enjoying herself, a natural mother. She glowed more than the day he married her. It wasn't going to be good when they had to give the boy back to his family. It was going to kill Deanna. He would do what he could to protect her, but this wasn't going to be something he could stop from hurting her.

“Well, aren't you two just the cutest things under two suns?” said Sam. Deanna looked over at her husband and smiled him. It was the most beautiful thing Sam had seen in a long time.

“Well, I wasn't sure when he was last bathed and I thought it would be a good thing to do,” said Deanna slyly.

Walking over, Sam hugged his wife and leaned down to Wyatt's face, “wet baby.”

“Wyatt!” said the boy.

“Sorry, wet Wyatt,” said Sam with a laugh. The boy started to laugh and Deanna joined in.

“Deanna, did you know the youngest Zero boy is unwell? They don’t think he’ll make it to morning,” said Sam as he handed Deanna the towel she had out for the baby.

“Adrian?” answered Deanna as she toweled Wyatt off. “This all happened after I left Mountain Grove. How is Rachel doing? Maybe I should go over and see what I can do for them.”

“The older boys are going to watch our place, so we can go tomorrow.” Sam stopped talking. “When I was there, he wasn't doing so well, so I don't know what you can do now. He's time is almost up, Deanna,” Sam said pulling his wife closer to him. Deanna cried into Wyatt's hair.

“Mama?” said Wyatt, not sure what was going on. He knew that this woman wasn't his real mama, but it seemed to make her feel better.

“I'm alright, Wyatt, don't worry about me,” she said to the boy. “I'm not crying now.” She wiped her tears away.

“So we can go to Central City, tomorrow,” said Sam. “It's a good thing we have the two horses, so we can ride there. Though, how the heck are we going to carry him?”

“Samuel Cain, you'll think of something that will work,” said Deanna.

“Deanna, please don't get your hopes up that we will get to keep him,” said Sam. He really didn't want to put his wife through all of this.

“If we don't find his family, he looks like you, Sam. No one would question us about him.”

“Deanna, don't do this to yourself. I don't want your heart broken if we have to give him up.”

Deanna sat Wyatt back up. “I know Sam, but I want him.”

“I know you do, but don't hope for something that might not happen. Now, see if you can find something for the boy to wear and I will get dinner going.”

“All right,” said Deanna as she took Wyatt and headed for the bedroom. Closing the door behind her, Deanna went to the armoire that Sam made for her as a wedding gift. Opening it up, Deanna looked for a shirt that she saved. Her grandma, a munchkin, made the shirt for her when she was fifteen-annuals-old; she kept it because it was one of the last things her grandma gave her. Walking over to the bed, she put Wyatt down and pulled the shirt over the boy's head. It was too big for him, but it would do for awhile. Looking through her socks, she tried to find a pair that was too small, or needed to be fixed; she adjust them so that Wyatt could wear them. She found a pair that needed to be mended, so she took the socks and Wyatt back out to the front part of the cabin. Samuel had a fire going in the fireplace and she sat down in her chair. Deanna put Wyatt down on the floor in front of her and grabbed her mending basket next to the chair. Pulling out a needle and thread, she started to work on making the socks fit Wyatt.

Sam came out to see Deanna sewing and keeping one eye on the boy. If he moved a bit toward the fireplace, she cleared her throat. Wyatt would stop and look at her, then move back toward her. Sitting on his bottom, Wyatt looked at Sam and smiled. Sam's heart melted at the boy; he wanted to keep him, too. They would love him to the day they died, and he knew that, if they had to give the boy back, it would kill them both. [You already said this up above] They better not find his family or Deanna would lose it.

Wyatt got to his feet and walked over to Sam. Grabbing a hold of Sam's pant leg, Wyatt stood there. Deanna looked up and saw Wyatt standing with Sam. Looking into Sam's face, she saw that he was lost to the boy, too. What were they to do now? They had to look for the boy's family, but Deanna still hoped they didn't find them.

“Sam,” said Deanna.


“Where is the boy going to sleep?”

Looking at Deanna for a split second, Sam looked down at the boy. “Could he sleep with us?”

Deanna gave her husband a look and he knew he had said the wrong thing. “No dear.”

“Then where?”

“Why don't you go and pull out the largest drawer from the chest and we'll put some blankets in it for him,” said Deanna.

Smiling, Sam leaned down and picked up Wyatt, “That is why I married you; you have all the brains in the family.”

Sam walked over to Deanna and put Wyatt down next to her as he turned toward the bedroom. He came back out and sat down next to Wyatt on the floor. “It's on the bed and I put all the clothes on top of the dresser, so we can put them some place later. You can do up the drawer how you want and I will put the drawer where you want it to be when we go to bed.”

Wyatt crawled into Sam's lap and threw his hands out, “Pebe.” Nothing happened. Wyatt looked around the room. Why hadn't his aunt come to him? Trying again: “Paige.” Well, that didn't work. Wyatt wasn't sure why it didn't. He would try Chris. “Chris,” and his brother didn't appear. That was very wrong.

“Who is Pebe, Paige and Chris?” asked Sam.

“Aunts and brother,” said Wyatt.

“You have aunts and a brother?” asked Deanna.

“Yes,” said Wyatt.

“All right, so he has a family out there, Deanna,” said Sam. Both of them were sad over the fact. “Tomorrow, we find them. He has family and they must be very worried about him.”

Deanna finished up the sock and held it up so Sam could see. Sam lifted Wyatt up so that Deanna could put the sock on his foot and, once socked, Wyatt smiled at Deanna. Her heart broke a bit more, because he had a place in this world and not with them. He would be a perfect here with them, but he wasn't theirs to keep.

Sam put the boy on the floor and got up, then headed to the kitchen. “Deanna, dinner is ready. Bring Wyatt to the table.”

Picking the boy up, Deanna headed for the table. Sam pulled her chair out for her and she sat down, holding the boy on her lap. Sam put a plate down in front of his wife and put his down. Going back to get the silverware, he placed it next to Deanna's plate. She picked up the fork and Wyatt grabbed the spoon. He went to get some corn on Deanna's plate, dropping most of it before it got to his mouth. Both Sam and Deanna laughed. The little guy didn't give up. What hit the table, Wyatt just picked up with his fingers. He smiled at them.

When they were done, Sam cleared the table and got the dishes ready to wash. Deanna took Wyatt to the front of the cabin and, when Sam came out, he took Wyatt and Deanna went in and washed the dishes. When she was done, she moved back to the front of the cabin and heard Sam talking to Wyatt.

“Wyatt, we are going to find look for your family tomorrow. Hopefully, we will find them in Central City, but, if we don't, you can stay here with us. Is that all right?”

“Yes,” said Wyatt.

“Good,” said Sam. “Now, I have to figure out how we are going to carry you tomorrow. I've been thinking and I've got an idea. I'm going to pass you off to Deanna, which I'm sure won’t be much trouble. I'm going to run out to the barn to get a couple of things. I don't know if you've ever been on a horse before, but I will try to make it fun for you.”

“Dada,” said Wyatt.

Sam laughed, “What, Wyatt?”

Wyatt laughed, “Funny.”

“Oh, thanks,” said Sam. Looking up, he saw Deanna standing there. “Can you take him? I need to go out to the barn to get a couple of things and then I will work on how we’ll carry him tomorrow.”

“Sure,” said Deanna as she walked toward them and took the boy. Sam got up, took a lantern down, lit it and headed outside. Opening the barn door, Sam headed over to the horse harnesses. He left the two he needed for the ride the next day and took four of the others, as well as several burlap bags, and headed inside again.

Going to the front of the cabin, Sam sat down in his chair and took the harnesses apart, laying them all out on the floor. He looked at all the parts and knew that he could do this.

“Sam,” Deanna said, with Wyatt sitting on her lap. “What are you planning to do?”

“I want to make a harness to attach to my saddle,” said Sam. “Our hands would be free and the burlap would be for the strength, but you might have some better material to go against his skin.”

“That’s brilliant, Sam,” commented Deanna.

Sam smiled as he grabbed the pieces and started to fit things together, showing it to Deanna. She was finding it interesting how her husband’s mind worked. After a half hour, Sam had something that he thought would work. He slipped the object on his back. “If we sew the burlap in this area, and here, it will give him a place to sit and lean back, and some here, to keep him from falling out. You have material that will be better against his skin?”

“I'll go get my spare material,” said Deanna. Getting up, Deanna put Wyatt on the floor and she headed into the bedroom, coming back out with a basket, material spilling out from all sides.

Wyatt reached into the basket and felt the material; he hadn't ever seen anything like this before. Bringing some of the objects closer to his face, Wyatt felt them. They smelled different from the things at home, but it was fun.

Deanna spent the rest of the evening sewing the burlap and material to the harness. By the time she was done, her fingers hurt and she was glad to be done. Picking up Wyatt, she took him out to the outhouse and then into the bedroom. Putting him on the floor, Deanna got her grandma's quilt out, as well as a couple of other blankets. Arranging them in the drawer, she thought it looked comfortable for Wyatt.

Sam came in from outside and went straight to the bedroom. He watched the two of them; they looked good together. After tomorrow, Samuel knew their lives would never be the same. “You ready to put him to bed?”

“Yes,” said Deanna. “You can put him on my side of the bed. If he wakes up in the middle of the night, I can get to him, quickly.”

“All right, sweetheart,” said Sam. Picking the drawer up, he moved it over to the floor, on her side. “Good for you?”

“Yes, Sam.” Deanna moved over to the chest and put away the clothes there were piled up there. “Get the knapsack out and we can pack our clothes now.”

Opening the armoire, Sam removed the knapsack and handed it to Deanna. Packing several things for each of them, she folded the clothes as small as she could. She didn't know how long they would be gone and she didn't know if they could find someplace to wash clothes in Central City. She had washed the clothes she had taken off Wyatt earlier and they should be dry by morning. The only other thing he had to wear was the shirt she gave him.

“Sam,” said Deanna. “Take him to the front.” She stood by the bed as Sam smiled and picked up the boy. They came back into the bedroom after a minute or two and Deanna was in bed, with the covers pulled up. Sam put Wyatt down in the drawer and covered him up. Walking around the bed, Sam took off his clothes and crawled in next to his wife.

“I guess nothing is going to happen tonight?” commented Sam.

“You are correct, Sam.”

“Thought so.” Pulling Deanna close to him, Sam got his arm around her and was ready to fall asleep.

Sam kissed Deanna's forehead. What he wanted to do was welcome her back properly, and make love to her most of the night. Now that Wyatt was in the room, that was out of question, so he just held her close.

“Mama,” said Wyatt as he pulled on the blankets, trying to pull himself up on the bed. Sam let go of Deanna as she rolled over to face Wyatt. There he stood, next to the bed. Deanna took a hold of the boy's arms and pulled him up on the bed with her and Sam.

“Wyatt, what are you doing?” asked Deanna as she rolled over to face Wyatt.

“Up,” said Wyatt as he looked up at Deanna.

Deanna pulled Wyatt up on the bed. Sam sat up to look at the boy.

“Wyatt, you need to stay in bed,” said Deanna.

“Sleep here,” said Wyatt.

“No,” said Sam. “You need to sleep in the drawer.”

“No, sleep here!” said Wyatt defiantly. One set of blue eyes stared at the other and Deanna didn't think either was going to give in.

“Guys,” said Deanna. “No fighting. Sam, I don't think he is going to stay down there. I think, for tonight, we are going have to let him sleep with us.”

“I don't like that he is winning like this,” said Sam.

“It can't be helped,” said Deanna as she put Wyatt under the covers between them. Wyatt got settled and looked up at Sam. The man couldn't be angry at the boy.

Sam lay back down and tried not to look at Wyatt; he knew the boy had him wrapped around his little finger.

Wyatt settled down and went to sleep, and both adults followed.

Deanna realized she was dreaming, because she could see Sam standing on one side of her, looking older, and a man on the other side of her, with Sam's blonde hair and blue eyes. He smiled, just like the baby, Wyatt - it had to be him. The woman with him had a baby. Wyatt was going to stay with them. He was going to marry a woman and have a child here.

Sam reached over and touched Deanna's arm. Looking up at him, she smiled. As she woke up, she could see both Sam and Wyatt lying on their sides, facing toward her, and it was Wyatt's hand that was on her arm. Sam had his hand on Wyatt's stomach, holding the boy in place.

Closing her eyes, Deanna went back to sleep, happier than ever.

The moonlight entered the bedroom of Adrian Zero, the little body of the boy was awake and testing what it could do. Kallum got out of bed to look at himself in the window. He looked about six yea...annuals, he would have to remember not to use years over here. He moved his arms to loosen the joints; this body had been very sick and he was going have to work on getting it back into shape before his memory went away. He had to remember not to kill the useless people around here. It was going to be years before his power was built back up enough to be able to get Wyatt over to the dark side. He would just go back in time and fix it.

Kallum had so much to do before he forgot; at least this boy was older then Wyatt. He had to find out what was going on with the boy. Since the Cain farm wasn't that far away, he could go over and see what the little tyke was up to.

Hearing a sound coming from one of the older boys, Adrian turned toward him.

“Adrian” said the boy. “What are you doing out of bed? I'll tell Ma you are out of bed.”

“All right,” said Adrian as he crawled back into bed. Couldn't have the mom brought in here.
Lying there, Kallum worked on the list for things to do and remember. As he made the list in his mind, he slipped off to sleep.

At sunrise, Nicholas woke Sean and Joseph, got them up, dressed and out the door to the Cain farm. As Nicholas was getting out the door to do the chores, Adrian said: “Dad?”

The man stopped at the door and turned to see Adrian standing in the room. “Adrian, what are you doing out of bed?”

“Where did Sean and Joseph go?” asked the boy.

“They went to the Cain farm,” said Nicholas.


“The Cain's are going to Central City,” replied Nicholas. “Now, get yourself back into bed before your mom finds you out of bed.”

Adrian just stood there in shock. What the hell was the reason behind going to Central City? He got back into bed before the mother found out. Getting back into bed, once again, the demon of chaos wasn't a happy camper. Lying there, Kallum realized that he made the boy healthy again, but the mother wasn't going to believe that he went from near-death to one hundred percent healthy in less than twenty-four hours. So the boy stayed in bed, alone and bored. He wasn't old enough to have a girl or two in bed with him, but he could live with his memories. There was a woman in Texas that was one hellva tiger in bed.

Deanna finished up the dishes when Sean and Joseph arrived at the cabin. Sam had the horses saddled and ready to go.

“Morning, boys,” said Sam to the Zero boys.

“Morning Mr. Cain,” said Sean. Since he was the oldest, he had the right to speak first. Joseph would follow that tradition. Joseph nodded at Mr. Cain.

“We aren't sure how long we will be gone, but we will get back as soon as we can,” said Sam.

“That’s all right, sir,” said Sean. “Do what you need to do.”

Deanna came out with Wyatt in her arms. “Hello boys.”

“Mrs. Cain,” said Sean. “Who do you have there?”

“This is Wyatt,” said Deanna with a smile. “He is visiting for a bit.”

Joseph walked over to Wyatt and took Wyatt's hand. “You are the cutest thing! I think you are even cuter then Adrian!”

“Joseph, you shouldn't say that,” teased Deanna. “How is Adrian?”

“He is doing better,” said Sean. “I found him out of bed this morning.”

“I am so glad that he is better,” said Deanna. The boy smiled at the woman; it was nice that the little brother was better. Neither boy gave much thought to Adrian dying.

Deanna walked over to Sam as he slipped the harness onto his saddle and Deanna put the baby in it. Holding onto the child, Sam climbed onto the horse and Deanna made sure Wyatt was safe before she got on her horse. They waved at the Zero boys and headed off for Central City.




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